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Is It Time To Review Your Auto Insurance?

Have you purchased a new car or added a new driver to your auto policy?  You may want to check your policy to make sure you have full coverage.  Some surveys have found:

  • Most drivers surveyed are paying over $1,900.00 on auto insurance premiums, this is over $200 more than the state average reported by USA Census – $1,672.00 (source: census.gov).
  • Over 80% of the people surveyed are not benefiting from the combination of their auto and home insurance. 
  • Almost all of the drivers surveyed don’t know about InsuranceQuotesUSA.com or the  other websites within the network.
  • Over 35% of drivers surveyed don’t even bother comparing quotes from various insurance providers when obtaining their insurance policy.
  • Less than 18% of people surveyed actually benefit from having family coverage.

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